Welcome to Hårga

Welcome to Hårga!

Welcome to Hårga, a village of the sun, flowers, and festivities!
Hårga is a commune, located in the province of Hälsingland, Sweden.
In Hårga, a land of eternal sunlight during summer due to the midnight sun, flowers bloom everywhere and kind hearted people reside peacefully.

When you walk out of the forest, a wooden arch will welcome you and lead you to Hårga, a beautiful village that feels like paradise.
Hårga is a commune where people have lived for many generations.
Bunkhouses, kitchens, and a temple that enshrines our scripture, Ruby Radr are set across a vast field nestled beneath an idyllic tree-lined ridge.

Those who visit Hårga can have a delightful time, joining the villagers in meals and ceremonies, participating in dances and festivities under the glaring sunlight, which will bring you closer to the people. You can even wear the same garments made from white linen, bearing special runic symbols.

The festival begins
Welcome to Hårga

About Hårga

Welcome to the tranquil and majestic Hårga.
We are so happy to have you here. Hårga is a commune for people who pay respect to the great Ymir, a giant who founded our nature.


Hårga is located in the province of Hälsingland of Sweden, 4 hours from Stockholm by car.

Let the Festivities Begin

Happy Midsommer!
It has been 90 years since our last great feast and it will be 90 years before our next.
And what poetry that it’s now the hottest and brightest summer on record.
We already have so much to give back and so let’s raise our glasses.
Let our nine-day feast commence. Skal!

This high my fire.
No higher, no hotter.
This high my fire.
No higher, no hotter.
Spirits! Back to the dead!

Speciality of Hårga

Hårga is famous for lumbering, linen, and homeopathies. Also, we have water power plant to generate electricity.
The mystical wall paintings that you’ll see all around you have been inherited from generation to generation, and will take you back to ancient civilization.
The love spell written in love lunes are also popular, especially among female visitors. These also have been passed down for many generations.

Rubi Radr

Rubi Radr is a scripture for the people of Hårgais and is kept in the holy temple.
You will notice that there are blank pages at the end. This is because Rubi Radr is a work forever in progress. It is forever evolving.
And we have hundreds of these kept in our temple.
(Viewing and photo/video shooting of Rubi Radr are prohibited)

Season of Life

People of Hårga think of life like the four seasons.
You are a child until you’re 18 and that is the spring. Then from 18 to 36, we all do our Pilgrimage which is the summer.
Then from 35 to 54, we work, and that is the fall. Lastly from 54 to 72 we become a mentor, which is the winter.